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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuoteSeek?

QuoteSeek is an online market place which allows people to post jobs that they would like done around their home or workplace (eg. gardening, computer repairs, home renovations etc). Businesses are then able to search for jobs in their location and quote for doing these jobs. Simply put, we help to get businesses in touch with customers and save everybody a lot of time...

Think of this as traditional advertising in reverse - The customer advertises their job, and businesses then contact the customer to provide quotes!

How does it work?

Need a job done?

  • Sign up for a FREE account
  • Tell us about the job you need done
  • Businesses will contact you with quotes
  • You choose the best quote

Want to quote on jobs?

  • Sign up for a business account
  • Browse available jobs by category and location
  • Send your quote to the potential customer
  • The customer chooses the best quote

What kind of jobs can be listed?

Almost any kind of job can be listed on QuoteSeek. It doesn't matter whether you need a gardener, a plumber or a computer repair specialist. We have many categories in which to list your job and will add more as required.

To view the available categories click here

I'm a contractor, can I post a job to find sub contractors for a project?

Yes you can! Simply post a job and specify that you are looking for subcontractors.

How much does it cost?

Anybody wishing to post jobs can do so free of charge.

Businesses wishing to quote on jobs must pay a small monthly subscription fee.

To view our pricing click here

What locations do you service?

QuoteSeek is currently available throughout AustraliaNew Zealand & United States.

If there is enough interest we will expand to other regions.

Why do I need to log in?

Reasons why a login is required to use our service include:

  • So that we can contact you about jobs and quotes
  • So that we can show you details of any previous jobs you have posted
  • To prevent spammers from anonymously posting advertisements and offensive messages

Don't worry, it only takes a minute to create your account! We don't even need much information from you - mainly just your contact details. We don't give your private details to anybody else without your permission. Only businesses who provide you with quotes will see your contact details (and you get to choose which details they see)

What are the main benefits for my business?

There are many good reasons for your business to use QuoteSeek including:

  • Our service is generally cheaper than traditional advertising eg. in your local newspaper or leaflet drops
  • QuoteSeek can supplement your existing marketing arrangements to increase your sales
  • You are entitled to a business listing in our online directory
  • You can receive automatic emails when new jobs are listed in your location
  • You can find out the details of the job before speaking with the customer
  • You can choose which jobs you wish to provide quotes for
  • We let you know how satisfied people are with your work
To find out more click here

Do you get involved in any business dealings?

Our involvement stops once we have put a business in touch with a potential customer. Businesses and potential customers must negotiate the details of the job at hand directly with each other.

What precautions should people take when dealing with a business?

We do not provide any guarantees about businesses and wish to advise everyone to exercise due caution in any business dealings. At minimum, customers should check that the business has the appropriate licences and permits (eg. Australian Business Number, Plumber's License, Electrical Licence etc) and ensure that they are provided with proper written quotations and tax invoices where appropriate.

How do you protect people against disreputable businesses?

If we receive a number of genuine and serious complaints about a business we will consider suspending their account to prevent them from providing any more quotes through our service.