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How Your Business can Benefit from QuoteSeek

Are you a small business owner or a contractor? Are you spending too much on advertising? Do you want to increase your sales but don't know where to start? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you may find QuoteSeek to be a valuable and cost effective tool for increasing your sales. Read on to find out how.

Traditional Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing involves spending a lot of money on placing advertisements in places like the trade section of your local newspaper. When you do this it is often difficult to determine exactly how successful your advertising campaign has been, especially if you are running multiple advertisments or trying different approaches at the same time. In order to tell how effective your campaign is the simplest approach is to run only one advertising campaign at a time and monitor how your sales are affected.

Using QuoteSeek to Increase Your Sales

QuoteSeek may be the answer to increasing your sales! QuoteSeek can either be used alone, or in addition to your current advertising methods to generate sales leads. QuoteSeek is cost effective and a whole year's subscription can cost less than one month's worth of advertising in a local weekly newspaper. With QuoteSeek you pay only a small monthly subscription fee which entitles you to provide quotes to people who post jobs in your business category or categories. You can choose which jobs you wish to quote on, and even see the details of the job before you decide to provide a quote. After you complete the work for the customer we will ask them for some feedback, and we will keep you updated about how satisfied your customers are with your work. We can even email you when new jobs are posted for you to quote on.

Unlike traditional advertising, with QuoteSeek you will know exactly how successful your marketing campaign is because you know what jobs and projects you have quoted on through our service. Your own records will then be able to confirm how many of these quotes have turned into successful sales.

What are the main benefits for my business?

There are many good reasons for your business to use QuoteSeek including:

  • Our service is generally cheaper than traditional advertising eg. in your local newspaper or leaflet drops
  • QuoteSeek can supplement your existing marketing arrangements to increase your sales
  • You are entitled to a business listing in our online directory
  • You can receive automatic emails when new jobs are listed in your location
  • You can find out the details of the job before speaking with the customer
  • You can choose which jobs you wish to provide quotes for
  • We let you know how satisfied people are with your work
In addition to the above, it should be noted that we advertise our service and even specific categories online and across various other media. Indirectly this is advertising for your business! Our advertising helps to bring both businesses and consumers to our website where you can provide quotes to them.

Where can I find out more?

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